How does social media fit into your online marketing campaign?

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  • December 4, 2016
How does social media fit into your online marketing campaign?

There is no doubt social media means a lot to the world these days, especially with estimations of user figures exceeding 2.2 billion (a third of the world’s population). Social media is constantly evolving and it is, unquestionably, having a very heavy influence in shaping the world around us. The fact that social media is gaining more and more influence in the world shows us that, as an online business, you can never ignore social media no matter what sort of audience you are looking to target.


From a purely marketing perspective; having a presence on social media allows people to view your brand which is one of the fundamental aspects of marketing. Social media is great at getting your business identity out there and specifically get the message across to your target audience. By doing this you are immediately provoking discussions and general activity on the web. People are constantly helping businesses spread their core message through sharing, commenting and generally posting about products or services. Naturally, the type of thing you are selling alters the approach you should take on social media but there will always be an opportunity to get your target audience to see exactly what you want them to see.


Even beyond basic marketing there is another critical reason why you should have a good social media presence. Search engines are adapting to the changing world and this includes evolving to reflect the increasing importance of social media. As a factor, Social media, is becoming more and more important to search engine optimisation (SEO). Google is starting to look more and more at activity on sites such as Facebook in ranking sites. It is most important to have a business page or profile online which is active, this means posting regularly. SEO is partly based on having inbound and outbound links as explained in one of my previous blogs; as a result, having social media profiles linked to your site provides you with some very easy links.


Which platform should your business invest time and effort in?


Social Media varies greatly in nature, the biggest and most famous of all is Facebook and for that reason it plays a part in the majority of good online marketing campaigns. At GCC we always recommend having a Facebook page, for us it is the only form of social media which simply can’t be skipped. A Facebook page will never hurt your business; in fact, it provides the fundamental basis for building your SEO progress. Facebook is also the platform which most users search on which means, chances are, people will be looking for you on there.


It’s important, however, as a business to think beyond Facebook, which can be difficult. Thinking outside of Facebook there is a whole array of options ranging from LinkedIn to YouTube (Yes, YouTube is considered a form of Social Media). Going about making a decision as to which platforms to invest time in is a very difficult process. It is important to start by doing some research; you should also ask yourself what sort of social media does your target audience use the most, this is not always an easy question to ask but a very helpful one if you can generate an answer. Looking into competitor’s activity can be a good place to start but also, on a more fundamental level, researching where some of your key words and phrases are being discussed. Spending a couple hours having a look around the various platforms can really help cement your online marketing campaign. Here at GCC we are always willing to help clients with their social media as part of our service.


What do we recommend?


Get stuck in! It’s free after all. Make sure you have at least one or two social media profiles and remember, when setting them up, that your profile should reflect both your website and what you are trying to sell.  Keep your profiles and pages up to date, this is much more likely to bring about success than inactive pages.  Not only will regular posts gain more credit from search engines, it will also allow you to attract a larger audience with more people following your business profile/page. Remember to link back to your website as increased traffic to your site is ultimately what everyone’s goal should be.


If you have any specific questions, please do get in touch with one of the members of our team or comment below.

By Christopher Vilhelmsen

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