SEO Nottingham – An important marketing tool for businesses

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  • December 21, 2016
SEO Nottingham – An important marketing tool for businesses

The nuts and bolts of SEO Nottingham techniques.


Unfortunately, many small and medium sized businesses in Nottingham are not benefiting from the power of online marketing. A total of 3.5 billion searches occur every day. A website in combination with SEO is a marketing space which cannot be overlooked or swept under the carpet.

The working problem:


First of all, take a small business, for example a web designer in Nottingham. The web designer has a website, complete with professional photos, a clear set of contact details and examples of their work. However, this web designer like many others, only generate clients from referrals and word of mouth marketing. This business fails to attract new customers from their website, completely undermining the sites purpose of generating new leads.

The Solution:


The key for businesses is to understand what search terms and keywords effect their business on search engines. For example, searching a keysword such as SEO Nottingham, I can see that 1000 global monthly searches are made; 750 of those people being local monthly searches. The benefit is that 750 people are interested in finding a Nottingham SEO company. Additionally, they will most likely live in Nottingham and have the money to pay for such services.

The question therefore is how many potential customers can you generate from a keyword similar to above. Just think, if 2% of these searches equate to a new client, what would the addition to revenue be on 15 new customers per month? In the case of the SEO Nottingham specialist, with average SEO services costing upwards of £1000 per year, there is potential to add £15000 to total revenue per month and therefore increase annual sales by £180,000.  This would be beneficial for even the smallest marketing agency Nottingham has to offer, it can make a real difference and give rise to how powerful and lucrative SEO can be for businesses.

The best part is that £180,000 a year can be generated using one search term. It is worth mentioning that there are many other variations of keyword and search terms. Therefore, the possibilities are endless for how much revenue a business can drive within a given time period. There are many free useful tools to track and research keywords such as RankScanner.

How GCC can help:


GCC has an experienced team of SEO specialists that have the ability to make this a reality. GCC can help rank small and medium sized businesses to the top of SERPs. It can be said that 70% of potential customers only use companies that are advertised on the first page of a given search engine. With that in mind, it is critical your business is not lost within the search engine, and therefore allowing your competitors the opportunity to benefit from more advanced online marketing.

So if you are a business who has paid for a website, why not put that investment to good use by helping drive customers to it. At GCC, we offer an unbeatable level of Nottingham SEO services. Our team has over 4 years’ experience and our customers love the extent to which we can provide. Regardless of how big or small your business is, all customers have full access to a project manager, who consults with you directly by giving weekly page rank reports on how your online marketing is progressing.

You can contact GCC via email or phone for a free consultation.

By William Mcfadzean

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