The 3 Most Common Nottingham SEO Mistakes

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  • December 19, 2016
The 3 Most Common Nottingham SEO Mistakes

GCC has been working in the Nottingham area with local businesses to improve their online image. Performing many Nottingham SEO reports has revealed that a large majority of small businesses have incorrectly implemented SEO techniques to gain exposure. The result? Instead of seeing a huge growth in website traffic and higher rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) they are penalised by search engines benefiting their competitors.

SEO is constantly evolving, making it a challenge for business owners to execute their marketing strategy. SEO develops day-by-day whether it’s down to the developers over at Google or a search engine users change in behavior. Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate the need for maintaining SEO or go about doing it incorrectly.

Let’s give an example of just how important SEO is to a local business in Nottingham. If you are selling SEO or web design in Nottingham like GCC, you want your business to achieve page 1, rank 1 on Google for your keyword or niche whether it be, plumbing, accounting and so on. In this example you want people to search “SEO experts in (Location)” on Google and your website to appear on page 1. More exposure, more clients, more profit. Simple right? However many local businesses we have analysed fail to implement effective Nottingham SEO techniques.

The following are some common mistakes that any local business should avoid:

Plagiarized Content


Yes google knows when you are cheating! Copying or spinning content is greatly penalised by search engines. Spinning involves the use of software which takes an existing article and attempts to make it appear as new content to search engines. However, this content is often of poor quality and in some cases unreadable.

A simple solution to this would be to write your own original content although, this can be time consuming when running a business. Alternatively you can invest in content writing from a reputable marketing agency such as GCC.

Forgetting About Social Media


Social media is power in the online world, many small businesses underestimate social media as a means of marketing. Social media allows you to share your content such as blogs, updates and your company’s image to an online target audience, which grows respective to your online activity. Another important use of social media often ignored, is the targeting of power users, these users possess an online audience and influence. It should be your focus to ensure your content is recognised and spread by these users, this allows your content to be viewed by both your audience and that of the power user.

The solution to this problem? Create social media accounts and be active, do not post once every 3 months, post once every 3 days, engage with your followers and audience, identifying potential power users to network with.

Going off-topic when Blogging


SEO optimisation requires not only original content but focused text that relates to your keywords. You should make sure each blog revolves around a central focus and avoids going off-topic. This occurs when trying to cover a range of topics in a single piece of text or when spamming your content with unrelated keywords. Thus, resulting in poor quality content, which search engines fail to rank well. Google aims to deliver high quality content to its users and this means providing content that is relevant to people’s search terms. If your content is of poor quality and has no main focus, it won’t rank well.

The solution. Create content that focuses on a specific topic rather than including irrelevant information that holds no real purpose in the needs of the reader. The age old saying quality of quantity is a key factor here, if you’re offering Nottingham SEO do not go off course and begin to talk about you’re other new business.

By Philip Pieri

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