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Web Design – The Four Keys

Typography   In the books we read and on the websites we visit, the presence of typography is everywhere. The term is classed as the style or appearance of... Read more

Why your SEO Campaign should be focusing on Google mobile-first index

What is Google mobile-first index?   A new age of SEO is emerging with Google introducing mobile-first index. There has been some question as to what this means exactly,... Read more

SEO Nottingham – An important marketing tool for businesses

The nuts and bolts of SEO Nottingham techniques.   Unfortunately, many small and medium sized businesses in Nottingham are not benefiting from the power of online marketing. A total of... Read more

The 3 Most Common Nottingham SEO Mistakes

GCC has been working in the Nottingham area with local businesses to improve their online image. Performing many Nottingham SEO reports has revealed that a large majority of small... Read more

How does social media fit into your online marketing campaign?

There is no doubt social media means a lot to the world these days, especially with estimations of user figures exceeding 2.2 billion (a third of the world’s population).... Read more

How does Google rank pages and what does it mean for the rest of us?

When discussing search engines, it is important to not forget Google’s rivals such as; Bing, Yahoo and Baidu. The other search engines are all important in their own right... Read more